Ho'oponopono Seminars

Ho'oponopono Seminars... Unleash The Hidden Power To Experience A Life Beyond Ordinary

Our Ho’oponopono seminars 2015-2016 build on and are greatly influenced by the miraculous teachings of Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len and Morrnah Simeona
Ho'oponopono Seminar Practitioner Certification
100% Online Ho'oponopono Seminar
  • 12 Weekly Lessons
  • Practical Assignments
  • Tutor Support
  • Certification Included
  • Instant Online Access
The Ho'oponopono Seminar Practitioner Certification will teach you all the core foundations, skills, & methods enabling you to perform Ho'oponopono cleanings on yourself, family, & close friends. (NOTE: you will need to complete the Master Practitioner Ho'oponopono Seminar Certification if you desire to perform cleanings for the public & for paying clients).
You will access to tutor feedback from experienced instructors through email.
It only takes 12 weeks to complete this seminar & receive certification, however you will receive unlimited access to the lessons. This allows you to review videos, lessons, & notes months or even years after you complete the seminar in case you forget something or just want a refresher.
  • The Dr. Hew Len Ho’oponopono story
  • The Hawaiian State Prison story
  • How Ho’oponopono originated
  • The difference between “True Ho’oponopono” and myths
  • How to begin changing your life today
  • The Ho’oponopono perspective on the subconscious
  • How your subconscious is preventing you from getting what you really want
  • How to get your subconscious to automatically clean for you
  • Reaching beyond the physical world through Ho’oponopono
  • The basics of the Ho’oponopono Mantra
  • What is really going on beyond the words
  • How to maximize the effectiveness of the Ho’oponopono Mantra
  • Moving beyond the Mantra to Advanced techniques
  • Moving beyond resistance to better enhance your cleanings
  • Accelerating your cleanings through the Soaring Bird Technique
  • Advanced Ho’oponopono technique for setting goals
  • Using Ho’oponopono with the Law of Attraction
  • Cleaning the DATA that is the root cause of your stress
  • Preventing the stress from reoccurring
  • How to live a stress free life through Ho’oponopono
  • Erasing the DATA that is preventing you from losing weight
  • Cleaning for limiting weight-loss beliefs
  • Retraining your metabolism with Ho’oponopono
  • Erasing the data that is causing you to be sad
  • Cleaning for past, present, and future sadness creating events
  • Auto cleaning to prevent sadness
  • What anxiety really is
  • Cleaning for the root causes of anxiety
  • Preventing anxiety using the Scanning Bird Technique
  • How to clean for other people
  • Cleaning for others who are present
  • Cleaning for others at a distance
  • Explaining trials through Ho’oponopono
  • How to make sense of the world through Ho’oponopono
  • Identifying the true root-causes for quicker results
  • Do soul-mates really exist?
  • How can you improve your current relationship with Ho’oponopono
  • How to attract your future soul-mate
"Dr. Hew Len is the absolute Master of Healing. He has Inspired me to learn Ho'oponopono so I can clean for me and the people I care about most."
Jessica RowlingsNatural Healer & Friend
"Ho'oponopono is the KEY to Happiness, Health, & Relationships. It transcends the physical and reconnects you with the Devine."
Brandon MoriartyHo'oponopono Practitioner
"Ho'oponopno replaces SELF-HELP with simple cleaning & erasing to become ONE with Source & perfect in all things."
Selena RosarioTruth Seeker
Dr. Hew Len Has REVEALED The Secrets Of Ho'oponopono
Success In Career, Personal Life, Health, Happiness, & "ZERO-NESS"
Ho'oponopono Seminar Master Practitioner COMING SOON
100% Online Ho'oponopono Seminar
  • Certification Included
  • Instant Online Access
  • 16 Weekly Lessons
  • Practical Assignments
  • Tutor Support
Ho'oponopono Seminar Trainer Certification COMING SOON
100% Online Ho'oponopono Seminar
  • Certification Included
  • Instant Online Access
  • 24 Weekly Lessons
  • Practical Assignments
  • Tutor Support
“Thank you… I’m Sorry… Please Forgive Me… I Love You”
Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

How are the online Ho'oponopono seminars presented?
The online Ho'oponopono seminars are a combination of videos, workbooks, and quizzes. All materials are online for easy access.

Do I receive a certificate when I complete each Ho'oponopono seminar?
Each Ho'oponopono Seminar specifies if it include certification which you can digitally download and print.

Who is the Ho'oponopono Seminar instructor?
  • Look for the instructor's name in the details of the specific Ho'oponopono seminar.
  • We only use a small number of highly experienced & dynamic instructors.