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Ho’oponopono Seminars (Online)

Online Ho'oponopono Seminars

The Practitioner Ho’oponopono Seminar, teaches you the foundational theories, techniques, and methods, which you can begin implementing immediately. Ho’oponopono, is an ancient Hawaiian healing system, which was greatly popularized by Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, in the book “Zero Limits.” Dr. Hew Len has made great advances in the field of Ho’oponopono, through his seminars, books, and sessions.

As you complete this Ho’oponopono Seminar, you will become a practitioner, able to perform cleanings for yourself, family, friends, and clients. This seminar includes 12 weekly video lessons and workbooks, presented in an online format. As soon as you pay for the seminar, you will gain immediate access, to your first online lesson.

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You Get Immediate Online Access to the following:

  • 12 Ho’oponopono weekly video lessons (1 per week)
  • 12 Ho’oponopono workbooks (1 for each weekly video lessons)
  • Watch all 12 videos as many times as you like to improve learning
  • Complete the entire Ho’oponopono seminar in the comfort of your home
  • Access the videos and workbooks from any internet device (smartphone, tablet, or computer)
  • Receive a Certificate of Completion that you can print and frame

Lesson/Week 1: The History of Ho’oponopono

  • The Dr. Hew Len Ho’oponopono story
  • The Hawaiian State Prison story
  • How Ho’oponopono originated
  • The difference between “True Ho’oponopono” and myths
  • How to begin changing your life today

Lesson/Week 2: Understanding the Subconscious Mind Through Ho’oponopono

  • The Ho’oponopono perspective on the subconscious
  • How your subconscious is preventing you from getting what you really want
  • How to get your subconscious to automatically clean for you
  • Reaching beyond the physical world through Ho’oponopono

Lesson/Week 3: The Ho’oponopono Mantra

  • The basics of the Ho’oponopono Mantra
  • What is really going on beyond the words
  • How to maximize the effectiveness of the Ho’oponopono Mantra

Lesson/Week 4: The Soaring Bird Ho’oponopono Technique

  • Moving beyond the Mantra to Advanced techniques
  • Moving beyond resistance to better enhance your cleanings
  • Accelerating your cleanings through the Soaring Bird Technique

Lesson/Week 5: The Scanning Bird Ho’oponopono Technique

  • Advanced Ho’oponopono technique for setting goals
  • Using Ho’oponopono with the Law of Attraction

Lesson/Week 6: Ho’oponopono for Stress

  • Cleaning the DATA that is the root cause of your stress
  • Preventing the stress from reoccurring
  • How to live a stress free life through Ho’oponopono

Lesson/Week 7: Ho’oponopono for Weight-loss

  • Erasing the DATA that is preventing you from losing weight
  • Cleaning for limiting weight-loss beliefs
  • Retraining your metabolism with Ho’oponopono

Lesson/Week 8: Ho’oponopono for Sadness

  • Erasing the data that is causing you to be sad
  • Cleaning for past, present, and future sadness creating events
  • Auto cleaning to prevent sadness

Lesson/Week 9: Ho’oponopono for Anxiety

  • What anxiety really is
  • Cleaning for the root causes of anxiety
  • Preventing anxiety using the Scanning Bird Technique

Lesson/Week 10: Vicarious Ho’oponopono Cleanings

  • How to clean for other people
  • Cleaning for others who are present
  • Cleaning for others at a distance

Lesson/Week 11: Beyond Beliefs

  • Explaining trials through Ho’oponopono
  • How to make sense of the world through Ho’oponopono
  • Identifying the true root-causes for quicker results

Lesson/Week 12: Attracting Your Soul-mate

  • Do soul-mates really exist?
  • How can you improve your current relationship with Ho’oponopono
  • How to attract your future soul-mate

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